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Tech people can do marketing in a more automated way than non-techies. This book will show you the ropes. It will also help you being systematic and measuring everything worth paying attention to.
Jose Quesada Founder, Data Science Retreat


This book has so much actionable advice that I practically highlighted the whole thing.
Sascha Konietzke CEO, Contentful


What I loved about the book is that it covers the basics so well, but still has plenty of pearls for experienced marketers. Entreprenerd is a must read for anyone in online marketing today - A classic in the making.
Daan Löning Founder Putzfee, acquired by Rocket Internet


Immaculately researched and extremely detailed, this book delivers. Let it take your online projects to a whole new success level.
Adam Fletcher 3x Spiegel Best-Selling Author


Jack is the growth hacker people like me would hire on the spot - alas, he doesn't need a job! I'm thrilled to see him finally sharing his enviable online marketing experience and insight in a full-blown book.
Fabian Stelzer CEO, EyeQuant

Money devils

This is something I love about this book. It is accompanied by a copious amount of research. Under nearly every second page you’ll see a reference that you can go and check out if you don’t believe the author.
Money Devils Money Devils

Based on Systems Learned From First-Rate Companies

While researching this book, I set up a private, Berlin-based marketing group where I was privy to closed-door tactics used by consultants, senior marketing staff, and company owners in select tech operations.

These marketers were involved with marketing for these (unaffiliated) companies:

Amazon audible
Rocket internet
Delivery hero

To balance things off, I also conferred with marketers active in the darker side of internet marketing, such as shady coupon website owners and fitness ebook sellers.

Topics Covered

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Free Preview

Pyramid 387277 640

Conversion Optimisation
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Light bulbs 1125016 640


Motorcycle 1286540 640

Paid Advertising (AdWords, Facebook, etc.)

Heating 931930 1280

Statistical Significance

Conversion mixer

Google Analytics
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Mailbox 1056324 1280

Email Marketing

Battleship 389274 640

Marketing Issues that impinge on programming

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How all the components slot together

About the Author

Jack Kinsella

Jack kinsella portrait

Lives In


Berlin, Germany's Tech Hub

Studied at

Oxford Raddy



Founded and owns Oxbridge Notes, the UK's largest online retailer of legal study materials.


Co-founded Bolivian Express, Bolivia's largest English-language magazine.

Codes with

Rails Git Vim Javascript Postgresql Python Ubuntu Css3

Pleasantly Typeset

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  • Approx 331 pages (depends on reader device).
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Top 8 Reasons To Download Entreprenerd

  • It's doesn't cost you a dime!
  • It's the only marketing book written from the programmer's perspective.
  • Reading it will give you an overview of the full-stack of online marketing tools.
  • Employees will become more well-informed as programmers and will be better able assist their teams with marketing tasks. Software entrepreneurs will be better equipped to sell more of their own goods.
  • This book has the highest rate of information transfer per word compared to competing offerings.
  • No questions asked refunds- if you don't find the book worth every cent, I'll refund you in full.
  • You'll have oodles of fun reading it.